Pregnant? Unwed? We want to help.

The Connecticut Right to Life Cares and Offers Help.



We did some work to identify reliable resources that are available for you and created a Web site to let you know about them.

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This site provides you with a list of pregnancy care centers,
scattered  throughout Connecticut, that we  carefully screened.


We wanted to be sure they would not rush you to their preferred alternative but would instead put their own agenda asside and listen to you — to understand your needs and wishes and to help you design a solution that is “just right” for you.

Our goal for this site was also to provide you with all of the information and resources you need in one place.

In our selections of information, we have also kept your parents in mind and provided information that may help them to hear what you want, and to gather the abilities to rally round to assist you.  We hear from young women just like you that their parents melted when they saw the baby development page and adoption page, and learned about the new open adoption methods available today.  None of this was available to women in the 1970’s.

Adoption today, is not like adoption used to be when they knew it —  when babies went to foster homes first and then had to wait to be selected by a couple. With open adoption you and your parents (or boyfriend) can interview and select the new parents for your baby, and you can actually stay in touch with your baby to the extent that you want to. Some moms, whose children have grown, have actually had their children attend their weddings.  It is totally new and loving.
As we said on the “General Discussion: Thinking About Abortion” page:

We like this solution most for
young moms (and dads)

It lets them maintain their schooling or careers, and offers them the satisfaction, for the rest of their lives that they made a good “life” decision for themselves and their baby.

It frees the father of the baby from financial responsibilities he may not be ready to take on. He may also be interested in helping to select the parents.

This is a courageous solution in that everyone will know of the pregnancy, but it is also a “love” solution that sits right with the souls involved. They can carry on their lives without a regret about their baby that could linger for a lifetime.  They can be proud of themselves.


God Bless You!  From our Team.

We hope it is helpful, and would appreciate your feedback.