2D, 3D, 4D Baby Ultrasounds


2D, 3D and 4D

Baby Ultrasounds!!!


The Connecticut Right to Life is happy to share some 3D ultrasounds — windows to the wonderful world of the unborn baby.

Expectant parents can now used ultrasound technology to view their cuddle close to mom’s heart, tumble and kick, laugh and chuckle, and suck its thumb and its toes!

Should you wish to see an ultrasound of your baby, call the pregnancy care centers and schedule time with one that has an ultrasound machine.  For a list of centers, see:


My Serenity – My baby girl laughing

Smiling, pouting, laughing, playful baby Kassi @ 32 weeks

Talking Baby in Womb

Miracle of Life – When Sperm Meets Egg

Baby Growing in Mommy’s Womb

Did you know, before they are born babies can dream and have rapid eye movement (R.E.M.) during the deep stages of their sleep.

National Geographic – In The Womb 6-10 weeks and at 15-18 weeks


At 24 weeks, this baby is very active — swimming — mom feels movements.  Baby’s eyes may open but do not work yet…it’s dark…baby sticks out tongue.  Baby’s mouth and nose are filled with amniotic fluid – can taste mom’s cooking.  They make a funny face if they don’t like it, and smile if they do. At 6 months all is functioning as in a born baby.  Fingerprints!!!  Senses developing.  Yet, a premature birth can cause learning problems or disabilities. Mom should relax and enjoy pregnancy.  From 24 week senses pick up signals from outside world — the 4D ultrasounds show this more than ever seen before. During the last 6-9 months organs continue to grow.

National Geographic in Womb – Baby at end of 9 months – space cramped

Life in the Womb, Part 1- 500 Million Sperm Seek to Find the Mother’s Egg

Life in the Womb, Part 2 – Nervous System Develops

At 30-32 weeks, we see baby yearn, play with nose, bounce and leap around using the walls of mom’s womb like a trampoline. Reflexes cause movements. Nervous system extends connections to most parts of body and gives the brain control. Baby becomes sensitive to touch; likes to swim and does a lot of grasping of face and umbilical cord.

Life in Womb, Part 3

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