Fall 2013 to Spring 2014

Connecticut Right to Life provides this page to keep you informed of pro-life events in Connecticut and the nation, through the Spring of 2014.  A goal is to enhance the knowledge base of existing members on pro-life issues, to provide opportunities to participate in events with other life-minded people, and to reap the joy of working in alignment with God.

A goal also of this page is to point out those events which are especially helpful for those who wish to increase their knowledge about pro-life issues and newcomers who wish to learn about pro-life for the first time — particularly the Catholic/Christian position on them, the position of reputable medical associations such as the AMA or Sloan Kettering, and to gain up to date information from pro-life experts.

We have found that there is much confusion about some of the pro-life issues, such as the Obama Healthcare HHs Mandate, abortion, contraceptives, IVF, physician assisted suicide, and embryonic vs. adult stem cell.  We provide clear information, substantiated by medical and scientific facts.

Participation in CT pro-life events is a wonderful way to enhance your knowledge of various pro-life issues.  Mingle with and gain more information from members who are steeped in key issues (such as members who have been natural family practitioners for years, and pro-life legislators, attorneys, scientists, and doctors).

The Connecticut Right to life Quarterly Newsletter is the vehicle we use to share up to date events for the entire quarter and beyond.  See it at
Of particular interest for those of you wishing to learn more about the essence of pro-life heartbeat in Connecticut,  are the six rallies are offered on Sept 22, 2-4 PM which are a top priority.  They are being conducted to protect our religious freedoms, without which, there can be no pro-life advancements. Please check them out and consider participating a the rally nearest to you.  You will enjoy meeting with the rally coordinators and other like-minded people.

To begin to become generally familiar with pro-life issues and feel comfortable talking to others about them, also plan to attend some of the Gospel of Life Meetings. The Society supports the CT Right to Life and other pro-life Lobbyists in Connecticut by calling in monthly speakers (experts) to educate members on all pro-life issues. The information provided helps members to make informed life decisions and to confidently share life-changing insights with their loved ones, friends, co-workers, legislators, and doctors.

To get on the Society’s mail list to learn about upcoming monthly talks, contact  and ask to be placed on the distribution list for monthly meeting announcements.

All meetings take place at 669 West Ave, Norwalk, St. Mary Church, CT 06850, on the second Saturday of every month, from 10-12:00 noon, after the 9:00 Pro-Life Mass.  All are Welcome.

Between the Gospel of Life Society, and CT Right to Life, Connecticut residents have ample opportunities to become informed and also to become active.

The joy of the alliance between the CRLC and the Gospel of Life Society is that they work together, and with other lobbyists, to offer members ways to go into action for God — to protect lives and way of life that God intended for us on this earth.  If we each do a little bit, in whatever ways we can, with love and caring, it works.

Volunteers Needed:

As you become conversant with pro-life issues, you will discover many ways to become comfortably active as a pro-lifer. There are many opportunities.  For example, we are always seeking people who can design flyers, database experts, accounting professionals, people to help with quarterly mailings (to people who do not have computers), and people who like talking to people to do tele-calling as well as people to assist with basic administrative work.

For example, right now, we need volunteers to call existing members and ask for their email addresses to update our database. Many of our members started with us before email became the primary form of communication. Please contact me if you can do this.

Some of you may become interested in helping us to start CT Right to Life Chapters in key parts of CT – once you have spent a year or more learning about key pro-life issues – enough to manage a chapter.

Some may be able to help with donations to support our activities, such as the costs associated with sponsoring the six Religious Liberty Rallies or helping us with public relations (keeping newspaper editors informed of meetings, etc.), and fund raising activities.  Tell us what your interests might be through this site.

Thank you so much for visiting us. Please give our site links to others on your distribution lists.   We appreciate your interest, welcome your participation, and look forward to working with you for life!