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Creighton Model 

Natural Family Planning (NFP) FertilityCare System

The Connecticut Right to Life, with its partner The Gospel of Life Society, is proud to introduce to you the Creighton Model, Fertility Care System of Natural Family Planning.

This system, which is based on natural family planning technologies and NaPro TECHNOLOGY developed over many years by dedicated doctors and scientists, has continued to impress us — enough for us to design and dedicate the Tri-State Medical Web site to it (see ) 

This Web site delivers information about the Creighton Model, its standardization for global use,  and the medical NaProTechnology system it is based on.  The site focuses on showing how the Creighton Model NFP system is different from other systems — and the wonderful medical benefits it has been delivering to mothers and daughters because of its differences.

Here are just some of the valuable benefits

–  It’s offers advanced diagnostics and treatments for the full spectrum of female medical conditions from simple problems with irregularities or heavy bleeding to more complex, severe, and disabling problems — such as endometriosis, repeated miscarriages, and prolonged infertility.

–  It uses all-natural bio-identical hormones which the body likes, responds to, and can fully use rather than artificial hormones (as are in the birth control pill) which do not cooperate with the body’s natural cycles well and so don’t bring the good results of the more natural hormones.

Note:  The body has difficulty tolerating the incompatible artificial hormones and over time there may be damage to the ovaries and serious  problems such as infertility and miscarriages.  Cures generally involve replacing the artificial hormones with natural, diagnostics of the entire menstrual system to discern any related damages elsewhere, and examination of the entire body to identify any other contributing factors. In the interim, some women on the pill suffer conditions associated with the use of artificial hormones such as headaches, weight gain, loss of libido, mood swings, brain fog, fatigue, and other symptoms. 

–  Its diagnostics are conducted using two or more of a woman’s own physical bio-markers.  There is a great benefit here.  This allows the treatments — which are based on these diagnostics — to be precisely customized to each woman’s unique menstrual system.  It also enables doctors to treat a wider spectrum of health problems:

Infertility /// Ovarian Cysts /// Repetitive Miscarriages ///
Effects of Stress /// Maintaining Pregnancy /// Hormone Problems ///
Menstrual Cramps /// Depression ///  Premenstrual Syndrome /// 
Female Libido Problems /// Sexual Problems /// Irregular Cycles /// 
Male Attraction Problems /// Abnormal Bleeding  /// 
Postpartum Depression /// And more… 

–  Diagnostic procedures necessitate exploring all possible causes of a medical problem, and curing them rather than just treating the symptom.  This willingness to spend time on behalf of the patient is a prerequisite in Creighton Model medical training and among doctors.  It  contributes too much of the success of both diagnostics and treatments.  For example, on the infertility page of the NaproTechnology site we read:

A variety of factors underlie the occurrence of miscarriage.  These include genetic, endocrinologic (hormonal), anatomic, immunologic and microbiologic variations.  We are slowly coming to recognize that no miscarriage can be considered normal.  All miscarriages are the result of a pathophysiologic reproductive event.  It is the current challenge of medicine to find those underlying causes and, in some cases, underlying causes that are common occurrences are often overlooked”…..

“Infertility is a symptom of underlying disease.  The diseases that cause infertility have a “two-pronged” effect.  They not only hinder the functioning of fertility, but they also cause both short and long-term health problems.  The persistent unwillingness to address infertility problems from this point of view or perspective is one of the major flaws in the current approach to the treatment of infertility.”

–  This system is especially helpful to teens and young women experiencing hormonal changes.  Treatments work in unison with their individual menstrual cycles, no matter how irregular they are, to cooperate with their cycles rather than ignore them and fight them. A common difficulty with teens is that whenever they have any of the typical teen problems with their menstrual cycle, most doctors automatically prescribe the birth control pill, which has artificial hormones that will ultimately damage the ovaries. In addition, these doctors are not finding the problem behind the symptom, they are just fixing the symptom. This is dangerous because some of these innocent symptoms may actually be the beginning of a more serious problem, such as infertility. Read more on this at the Nutmeg FertilityCare NFP site at  Also see this write-up on endometriosisat:  

–   Its NaPro TECHNOLOGY provides sophisticated techniques for early pre-cancer

–  For new mothers who have just given birth and who are suffering psychological problems that might be postpartum depression, which is usually mistreated with medicines, read how quickly and effectively NaPro TECHNOLOGY can address this stressful situation at the Nutmeg FertilityCare site

–   Its globalization and standardized tools and procedures enable patients to be anywhere in the United States or world and receive the same consistent services, diagnostic procedures, all-natural hormones and customized treatments.

–   It gives married couples a way to both postpone pregnancy or to plan a pregnancyIf long-existing medical problems exist, it’s advanced technology gives couples realistic hope that there is a high probability that such problems can be overcome and a healthy pregnancy can be anticipated.

Success rates are impressively high

For example, infertility has a published success rate of 85% vs. 35% for IVF.  This chart shows  the consistent successes in curing various causes of infertility and high success rates vs much lower success rates for IVF solutions.

The benefit here is that this technology will let many couples bypass the pains and costs associated with IVF methodologies. When we gave a seminar on this NFP system, the several of the nurses in the audience who were also mothers and who had suffered from three to five miscarriages each, wished loudly with the audience that they had this technology many years ago.

But more.  This system is equally impressive when used to postpone births:

The success rates which are also published on the Tri-State+ Medical site are more effective than those for the birth control pill and without the pill’s risks.  Note:  The pill uses artificial hormones that the body has difficulty handling, and cause a gradual degradation of the ovaries.  Over time, it can lead to chronic miscarriages, infertility, cancers and a variety of other problems as discussed on the Birth Control page of our CT4Women site.

Because the Creighton Model System is so effective and helps avoid risks associated with use over time, we invite you to review the Tri-State Medical + site.

Click here to learn more about this all-natural method of birth management and healing.

Questions? Or, to Schedule a Consultation: 

Contact the Nutmeg FertilityCare Center, which is an alliance of the Connecticut Right to Life Corporation and member of the Gospel of Life Society.  The center’s Creighton Model Nurse Practitioners are available to answer your emailed questions to them. Or, request a scheduled in-person consultation.

To see how this technology has healed women and changed lives, we  highly recommended the book  “Women Healed“.

This book is filled with the testimonies of women (and their husbands) whose lives have been enriched by help provided through the Creighton Model FertilityCare™ System.

To read about the nationally known Teyeyac Family Center, Fairfax, Va, see  Patients travel there from all over the U.S.