How Memberships Help Us Plan

Memberships are extremely helpful for budgeting. Pro-life and not-for-profit organizations cannot operate effectively without them.

They enable organizations to  know how much money members will be donating and to plan ahead accordingly.  For example, by knowing that a certain amount will be forth coming it is possible to confidently purchase advertising schedules over a 9-month period in college papers, plan newsletter mailings to our members, or plan events such as the annual convention based on budget.


To Sign Up for Our Membership Program

To do so, first select the annual payment schedule you want.


The suggested payment schedule is:

$5.00 – $25 dollars: Missionary

$25 – $100:  Champion

$100 – $500:   Angel

$500 – $1500:  Benefactor

$1500 – $2500: Patron Supporter

$2500+ –  Sponsor

Second, send us a letter to let us know which payment schedule you selected with a check for the annual amount you wish to donate this current year, 2014.  Please be sure to  include your address, phone and email address. Make checks payable to the CT Right to Life Corp and send them to the below address.

                                 PO Box 2343 Waterbury, CT 06722-2343


In the future, send us the form in our Fall Newsletter

Use the form provided to you to send your membership donation for the following year, 2015.  Also, use the form to tell us of any changes in your address, phone or email address. This will help us tremendously to stay in touch with you if your contact information changes.


God Bless you for your help and generousity!

The Connecticut Right to Life Corporation