Adoption Alternative

parents_holding_baby_193894[1]Adoption –
An Alternative Choice

Connecticut Right to Life Corporation is happy to introduce you to
some resources that may help you
as you consider adoption as your choice.


The Web Site that will help you the most is:

CT4 Women Site general Web site for unwed teens and young women,    with a full spectrum of information and resources for you.


The pages offer information on adoption:  This is the “pregnancy centers” page  which lists centers scattered throughout CT that we screened for you,  Their staff will all have seen this Web site and will be ready to help you select an adoption agency, and then help you with the process. This page offers information on open adoption and other new forms of adoption, information on procedures, and lists of adoption agencies for you and the advisor from your pregnancy care center to look over.  Adoption today is not like years ago When a child to be placed for adoption had to first go to a foster home. Now, babies may be placed directly with the new adoptive parents selected by you, the birth mom.  Everything has changed.  The process is kinder, simpler, and much more loving than ever before. You will appreciate it.   


If you decide to place your baby

Use any of the pregnancy care centers on our list. Their advisors will help you select an adoption agency and explain the fees paid by the potential parents. Advisors at the adoption agency will show you pictures of couples, longing to adopt,  including photos of their homes and families, provide information about them, and schedule a meeting for you to interview several couples. This enables you to be sure your child will be placed with a family that has the right temperament, personality, religion, talents, and values that you desire for your child.This is called open adoption. If you want to you may even stay in touch with the new parents and get reports on your child’s progress, or you may arrange to see your child on holidays and other special occasions — it all depends on you and what you want. Often the parents of a birth mom’s child become the mom’s friends too. Have the courage to explore this option with your advisor, and to follow your own heart. A new loving world of care may be awaiting both you and your baby!  This solution could be a hard one for some of you. It will require you to continue your pregnancy while you attend school or at work, and it may be difficult to explain to friends and family who had been trying to convince you to abort why you decided on adoption. You will find the right words at the time. Be true to yourself. This is a wise solution that will make your proud of yourself.  It enables you to continue your schooling or career, without the psychological trauma of placing your baby with an unknown family, and it saves you the pain and grief associated with abortion, risk of procedural complications and costs.  This is a win-win for you and your beautiful baby. It is also a win for the happy parents you will place your child with.

Did you know, there are over 2.5 million couples in America waiting to adopt a baby. Many of them have been through great hardships, such as the grief of finding out they are not able to have children and then trying to have a baby through IVF for months or years and failing.  They reach out to adopt because they want to parent; to love and care for a child, and they will welcome your baby. God implants the desire to parent in couples he “calls” to have the “parenting” vocation. Maybe, you too were called to the “parenting” vocation and you can do so by placing your baby with the right parents. 

Work with the pregnancy care center and adoption agency.  This is a pregnancy pause in your life you should take to make the right decision.  It will give you satisfaction the rest of your life.  For more information on open adoption, see the press release provided on the next page:


Concerned about your parents?

Though parents are busy, pressured (especially in today’s economy), and sometimes may seem to not understand you, or have the time to, they are still “parents”. God graces parents with a special intuitive understanding of their children, that goes heart-to-heart and mind-to-mind and is especially operative when they are relaxed.  So schedule a good time and place; make them dinner; a plain peanut butter sandwich with chocolate milk will do.  Be kind; do not attack or seek to lay blame.  This is not the time.  Now, you want their support.  They will understand your desire to have your baby and respect your solution to place your baby, because they know, as you do, that you are really too unprepared to bring up a child at this time in your life. They know too, that you may long to, and that the placing of your child will be a hard thing to do; it is you being courageous to do the best for you and your baby, as well as your mom and dad. It is a “wise” decision, and your parents will respect you for it. Trust the heart-to-heart knowing they have and caring about you.


If you are attending school and taking tests

Ask your instructors to understand and give your un-timed tests.  Your body and mind will be stressed and un-timed  tests will help.  Some instructors may let you take open-book tests during this time.


If you are a parent seeking to adopt a baby

Visit the adoption agencies listed at the bottom of the adoption page.  Catholic Charities puts much energy into helping parents to select the right child for them.  They interview the moms to understand enough about them to project what the child might be like – in temperament , talents and capabilities.  They will also schedule ample time for you to meet the child, play with and get to know something about the child before adoption.  If interested, you may contact them directly or if you want to talk with an advisor first, contact one of the pregnancy care centers who can give you advice.

God be with you all as your pursue your renewed life!   From the team at CT Right to Life!