Abortion – A Business



Abortion Is a Business

 The womb is unsafe for over 33% of the unborn! 




 When Roe v. Wade was passed — by the United States Supreme Court, January 22, 1973, in a 7-2 decision — it legalized the ability of women to have abortions under the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution. It ignored the child’s “right to life” at any stage in its life.   

In the 1970’s, it was easier to overlook the child’s right to life.  Most women were told that the first trimester embryo was just a blob of tissue; not human yet, and biology books pictured the embryo as looking less human and more like a fish or a chicken.  People did not attach “humanness” or “personhood” to the early-developing embryo. The abortion industry took advantage of this ignorance and built a sophisticated abortion business that today expects 3-5 abortions from every school girl between 13 and 19 years of age. See this video by Carol Evertt, a previous Planned Parenthood executive responsible for over 35,000 abortions –  http://youtu.be/cYaTywSDmls 

We devote many paragraphs here to give you a comprehensive, top-level overview of the abortion business’s marketing plan and the many aspects of this industry  If you have children or grandchildren, it will be worth the read. If you like to write letters to editors or to legislators, please do read it as we can use the help. We provide some action alert advise towards the bottom of this page.  Let’s begin…… 

In an article, Carol explains how they pushed sex ed on our schools to sell abortions, see it at: http://www.lifenews.com/2014/05/14/former-abortion-clinic-owner-we-pushed-sex-ed-to-create-a-market-for-abortion/

But, we know better now.

We “know” it is a baby and not a blob of flesh.  We can now see the baby in ultrasounds. See our selection of ultrasounds at the Connecticut Right to Life Web site for youth: http://www.ct4women.com/pc_development.html 

The “abortion industry” also promoted the idea that an abortion is no more than the D&C that women have after a miscarriage.  This too in an untruth that contributed to the sale of abortions.  Where a woman’s own body determines the nature and time of a miscarriage and orchestrates the gradual closing of all systems that had been contributing to the development of the baby, an abortion is very different.  An abortion abruptly shuts down all bodily functions that had been contributing to birthing the baby. To the body, it’s a “hard stop”. There are predictable complications.  According to Beverly McMillian, M.D., a previous abortionist, the complications may include excessive bleeding, chronic and acute infections, intense pain, high fever, convulsions, shock, and coma”. Further, we have also found that there are many risks associated with this procedure such as the rupture of other organs and incomplete removal of the baby or placenta that “Can cause life-threatening infections and sterility, pelvic inflammatory disease, punctured or torn uteruses, and even death. See http://www.unfairchoice.info/safe.htm 

The abortion industry’s marketing plan and budget does not take into consideration the short and long term damage done to young girls and women as it continually seeks to increase its revenue from abortions (abortion is their largest source of revenue). Employees who have worked at abortion clinics that have recently come under fire, like Gosnell, tell us that they herded the girls through without concern about hygiene or safety see http://connrlc.org/?page_id=1085

Sometimes in a late term abortion,
the baby survives….The baby is born alive.

The abortion industry’s marketing plan does not have room to help such born alive children to live — by arranging for them to be placed for adoption — which requires nothing more than a phone call to a hospital or police station – but they operate in cost cutting mode and so they kill the babies . Safe Haven* would arrange for their adoptions. Hear this disclosure by nurse Jill Stanek on Fox News http://youtu.be/9duXeLahkV4 .

* Note: For Information on Safe Haven – a program that lets pregnant moms drop off their born babies to a police station, hospital or fire department – no questions asked – see http://articles.orlandosentinel.com/2011-08-20/news/os-surrendered-babies-find-homes-20110820_1_fire-or-rescue-facilities-baby-girl-nick-

 Also hear the story of Gianna Jessen, a born alive survivor in spite of a saline abortion and saved by a nurse rather than murdered as was the procedure.  See http://youtu.be/hOWMmx6eBjU  She has been giving talks around the nation. 

Somehow, with all of our new knowledge, we have not changed minds and hearts enough to protect these young women or their babies and to provide substantial legislative, pregnancy care, and clergy help for them; instead as Gianna Jessen suggests, we seem to becoming harder. Listen to these testimonies about the murder of born alive babies by previous employees of the convicted abortionist, Dr. Gosnell http://youtu.be/9fhyJItGPko  (The new practice is to cut the spinal cords of born alive babies or break their necks.) 

Our society has matured in many ways — we have abolished slavery, given women a vote, are beginning to ensure an equal opportunity and pay, stopped child  labor, we regulated smoking, we are helping the poor, and so on.  However, regarding abortion, civilized societies throughout the world (including Italy, France, the UK, US, and Germany), have closed their eyes to abortion, its mental and physical damage to women, the massacre of millions babies (that could have been placed for adoption had there been social caring), and its total lack of respect for women and the wonderful gift God gave them — fertility.  

With new disclosures associated with the abortion industry that are horrifying to most, such as infanticide, girls being forced by abortion personnel to have abortions though they change their minds (see http://www.lifenews.com/2014/05/19/15-year-old-pregnant-girl-held-in-abortion-clinic-against-her-will-rescued-by-police/ ), the reality of sex trafficking (at the last CT Right to Life Corp. Annual Convention we listened to a speaker who escaped a sex trafficking and ring told how the abortion industry looks the other way and girls don’t say anything because they are afraid for their lives), with the fact that babies feel intense physical pain during abortions (some scientists say as early as 6 weeks)**, and now with the abortion industry lobbying for even less regulations, perhaps the time has come, in this decade, for all of us to turn our focused gaze on this issue to put things right. 

** Note: The abortion industry has been hiding the fact than unborn babies feel pain during the abortion operation — this knowledge would hurt abortion social acceptance and sales.  Doctors have been speaking out, and the industry dealt with it by promoting the false the idea that babies may have pain but cannot feel it until their brains are fully developed at 20 weeks or more. Scientists have shown that this is not true; full brain development is not necessary for the nervous system to deliver messages of pain and for the baby to be conscious of the pain.  See the below excerpts from a testimony by Dr. Condicm at:  http://www.lozierinstitute.org/testimony-of-maureen-condic-ph-d-on-dc-pain-capable-unborn-child-protection-act/  This summer, a page with additional information on the pain of unborn babies will be placed on this site for your review.  Some scientists believe the baby can suffer pain as early as 6-8 weeks — when most abortions take place.

Commentary In our communities, we can begin now to do a lot by recognizing that girls who become pregnant and the young men involved are victims of the abortion industry’s marketing plan, against which they, with their teen brains, are no match. We should reach out to them and help them make choices that support life. 

For example, clergy of all faiths should participate in church youth group meetings and get to know the children so that if a pregnancy happens, the children will feel comfortable confiding in them and will readily accept help from them.  When a young girl does this and opts not to have an abortion, all members of her church should reach out to help in all ways including financially.

Avoiding abortion is a courageous thing for a girl to do — it goes against peer pressure and boyfriend pressure to abort as well as school pressure. Did you know that without Parental Involvement Law in CT, school staff can refer a girl for an abortion without notifying the parents. In other states school staff have found to have done this and in addition to have changed the attendance sheets to show the girl was in attendance all day — to cover up. See http://abcnews.go.com/Health/teen-abortion-high-school/story?id=10189694  The mother told KOMO that she is speaking out so that other parents will become aware of the services that are provided at high school health clinics”. 

Abortions happen during school hours and statistics show that over 46% of the parents are not aware when their child has had one.  Our administration has made conditions worse by supporting abortion programs, as part of population control and eugenics, in the US and around the world.  Here in the US, we also have Obamacare.  

This administration has also failed to pass laws at a national level that would increase information about the risks of abortion for young women (to help them make more informed decisions), that would let them see the ultrasound of their baby prior to the abortion, and learn information about it such as its age and sex. In most abortion clinics, they use the ultrasound to aid the procedure and turn it away from the girls.  

Nor are there adequate laws to ensure that before girls go for abortions, which are serious procedures, that they be counseled about the immediate risks and long term risks. And where are the laws that would minimize complications for all girls by banning at the national level late term abortions and infanticide (children who survive abortions and are murdered rather than being placed for adoption).  Where are the laws that would discourage sex trafficking, identify rape situations, and rescue entrapped girls?  Do you think that the abortion industry is lobbying against these kinds of laws?

What about a law that requires girls  to visit their pediatrician or family doctor, who has their medical history and knows if she has any conditions that would increase her risks during an abortion, such as high blood pressure. This doctor should approve any surgical abortion, chemical abortion, or the taking of over the counter abortion pills and certainly should not be associated with Planned Parenthood or any of its affiliates.  This doctor should also check her for abuse by any boyfriend and talk to her about other alternatives.  

Doctors who deal with teens through 24 year olds should be required to take a course on sexually transmitted disease, abortion coercion by boyfriends, abuse and homicide by intimate partners, about the various types of abortions, procedures and risks which should not be by Planned Parenthood or any of their affiliates such as SIECUS (see http://www.siecus.org/ )  which contributes to the guidelines used in Connecticut Sex Education curriculum in our schools).  . 

Did you know “Homicide was the third-leading cause of injury-related death for all U.S. women (pregnant or not pregnant) of reproductive age, 15 to 44 years of age in 2008?” Also, the following report points out that the homicide is typically by a current or previous intimate partner. See  http://journals.lww.com/greenjournal/Fulltext/2011/11000/Homicide_and_Suicide_During the_Perinatal_Period_.13.aspx  It is common knowledge that abuse generally happens prior to a homicide; watchful doctor and parents would minimize this risk.

Statistics showing the high rate of homicide or abuse of women also points to the need for a  Parental Involvement Law. The abortion industry discourages parental involvement because they say they are concerned about parental reactions to their child’s pregnancy. The facts are that girls are not abused by their parents but by their boyfriends or former persons with which they had been intimate and there is the potential for boyfriend violence to turn into homicide (with a gun in most cases).  In contrast to the messaging of the abortion industry, these girls need an intact relationship with their parents during this time as a form of protection from their sexual partners.  A parents knowledge of their pregnancy and the boyfriend may be their only protection against violence or coercion to have the abortion. Otherwise, the homicide could happen –  and how would the parents know about who may have done it or that there was a motive – a  pregnancy. If the parents are aware of the boyfriends,  that is a  natural deterrent to them.

Every school with sex ed in their health programs should pay a full time pregnancy care center nurse (again an unbiased nurse who has a track record working outside the abortion clinic) as part of their health program to answer questions about health issues, give girls alternatives to abortion such as adoption, discuss how defective contraceptives and birth control pills are and how they will ultimately result in pregnancy, and give talks – some of the private schools in Connecticut offer this.   Pregnancy care center staff can also support a young woman whose boyfriend is aligned with Planned Parenthood and coercing or threatening her to abort —  as can clergy and her parents, if CT had a Parental Involvement Law.. 

The administration has also looked aside with regard to abortion clinic inspections and regulations which increase risks for our young women.  See our web site page on this:  http://connrlc.org/?page_id=1085 

 According to the CDC, it is known that at least the following numbers of death occurred as a result of complications from known legal induced abortions. The numbers may be higher because abortion death records are not properly kept. 

12 abortion-related deaths occurred in 1994

– 4 deaths in 1995

– 9 deaths in 1996

– 12 in 2008 — which is the most recent year
for which data were available

In Connecticut, abortion clinics are now inspected once every four years, rather than every two years which was the case, and it is hard to find inspection reports or evidence that infractions are followed up on.  

Further,  this administration has looked the other way when the abortion industry deceives with false statistics  by Guttmacher, an arm of Planned Parenthood, that communicate their sex ed programs are effectively working to reduce pregnancies and abortions  and are used to get government funding. There is a conflict of interests here that is overlooked.  For example, statistics suggest the numbers of abortions have decreased. However, statistics, that talk about a slowdown in abortions, count surgical abortions that are performed in clinics only; and do not count abortions resulting from over-the-counter purchases – this is another  great deception.  By selling abortion pills over the counter, there is no way to know how girls are getting pregnant, possibly being medically damaged, and how many babies are actually being chemically killed. 

Clearly, there is no administrative responsibility on this issue by our government or the abortion industry.

We here think it is time for the laity to get wise, spread the word, take more responsibility for helping young people with unscheduled pregnancies and kick the abortion industry out of the public schools. Children can go to the walk-in medical clinics for their health care needs. School clinics that remain should only handle basic health care needs — take temperature, give an aspirin (with parent permission), check for dehydration and give water, handle emergencies, etc.   

Let’s together take a baby step forward

The Connecticut Right to Life Corporation would like to hear from all Churches, of any faith, who implement a Pastor’s Pro-Life Youth Campaign that involves:

–  Meet with youth groups once per month to discuss

–  Agree to 1) receive an emailed Monthly Pro-life Update which comprehensively covers all issues including contraceptives, abortion, sex ed in schools that encourages early sex, same sex, stem cell, physician assisted suicide, family, parenting, natural family planning vs IVF, population control, eugenics, and risks of vaccines, and 2) distributing email or hardcopies to your staff and heads of ministries.    

–  Have an open door policy with youth so much so that your youth will feel comfortable to come to you if they have trouble such as a sexual disease, pregnancy, or a girl is being threatened to abort . This is very important because the sex education in schools, based on guideline by SIECUS, a Planned Parenthood Federation, suggest students do not discuss these things with their parents (ho they say will not understand (in literature, they picture parents as old, ugly and ancient) and encourage students o speak with instructors or to go to their clinics. If the children believe this and do not speak with their parents, they need the availability of someone else they can trust to speak with — what better than their church.  Place a sign somewhere inviting the youth to come and talk on certain days and times.  In youth group meetings keep reminding them of your “open door” policy.  Note: Another page will be provided this summer that will give idetails on the sex education in Connecticut schools.

–  Agree to promote open adoption. There are many adoption program for girls who want to place their babies, but it is largely unused.  Planned parenthood and their alliances have used all media and the Internet to make girls who find themselves pregnant feel very guilty about placing their baby – they are taught to perceive it as abandoning their child to strangers who will harm the baby.  They are taught to prefer to abort their baby and save it from harm.  Though there is a new adoption plan that let the girls select the parents they will place the baby with, called “open adoption“, see http://connrlc.org/?page_id=214  —  the girls are not told about this. They are given old scare stories.  Though Open Adoption has been around for 5-10 years, when any pregnancy care center personnel talk to the girls about placing their babies for adoption, they pull back in horror and distrust.  We really need priests, which the children trust, to learn about open adoption and speak out about it positively, regularly. Collect case studies to discuss. FYI – Linda Smith of Catholic Charities is a wonderful lady who heads up the adoption program and is very capable of training your priests, deacons and ministries.  Everyone know about it and  promote it. .

All churches that have such a policy and register will be placed on this CT Right to Life Web Site and linked to its list from the http://www.ct4women.com/ site for youth and featured on billboards by colleges and universities.  You may also attract youth who have left their churches and college students. Let’s together capture the attention and trust of our youth – our future. Contact the Connecticut Right to Life –  to share your thoughts on this idea, make suggestions, discuss it,  or register.  



As we proceed, keep in mind the millions of young moms abandoned by their communities to deal with unscheduled pregnancies and boyfriends pressures to abort on their own. 

Keep in mind this testimony by Carol Evertt on how they forecast 3-5 abortions from each girl between the ages of 13 and 19.

See Carol Evertt’s Testimony


Keep in mind too the unsafe conditions we are letting these girls walk into. Abby Johnson, another former Planned Parenthood Director, said, “They go against their mission statement which is to make abortion ‘Safe, legal and rare’.

 See Abby’s Testimony


Kind in mind this Fox News video, showing how Planned Parenthood allowing girls in Austin Texas to use abortion to abort a child of the unwanted sex, and to do it in a late trimester when the unborn baby girls would surely feel pain!  Consider, how this organization and administration is using our daughters, granddaughters, and sisters for profit?

 See the Fox News Testimony:


Bill O’Reilly equates this practice with what is happening in China.  There, parents favor boys who can help on the farm or financially.  When the baby is developed enough to identify sex and ultrasounds show a girl baby, the child is aborted/murdered.

The video goes on to confirm that our government already provides 47% of all Planned Parenthood funding (for example, in 2010 over government paid about $500 million dollars to Planned Abortion.).  This will increases with Obamacare’s HHS Mandate which provides additional taxpayer monies (each taxpayer will pay $1 or more monthly toward abortions, sterilizations, etc).

Under this administration, we have taken a few steps back, and continue to do so as it continues to fund the contraceptive/abortion industry.


Will you help?  Another way you can help:

Write your legislators and ask them to promote and pass a Parental Involvement bill (not just a Parental Notification bill which will not protect the girls) to prevent schools from sending girls who are pregnant directly to the abortion clinics without notifying their parents and to protect them from boyfriend coercion, abuse and possibly homicide.  Ask them to also consider some of the ideas for bills suggested in paragraphs above.  Let’s stop giving the abortion industry a free ticket at the expense of our youth and unborn babies.

Thank you for working with us. If you cannot help, please spread the word. 

Note: Donations are always appreciated and especially to help us keep everyone informed and provide ways for us to brain storm together and work together.

God Bless You –

From Your Connecticut Right to Life Corp.