Open Adoption, Today’s Choice

 Contact:  Eileen Bianchini                                                                          Press Release
Connecticut Right to Life & Gospel of Life Society – CT

Subject:  Open Adoption


Open Adoption
Today’s Choice

The new form of  “Open Adoption” offers  the same advantages of abortion, without the potential for serious medical complications,  expensive hospitalization, long-term physical and psychological risks, and the costs of abortion.


Open Adoption gives the birth mother the freedom to resume her life, without responsibility for her child, while it gives the mother’s unborn baby a chance to have a life — with her knowledge that her baby will be loved and well taken care of. 

It is a wise and loving decision. 

How?  “Open Adoption” offers this — because it is significantly different from older forms of adoption that most parents of teens and young adults are aware of.  In their generation, the child had to first be placed in an orphanage or foster home and wait to be adopted.  This could have taken years or may not have happened.

With “Open Adoption” the birth mother is invited to look through pages of photos and information on couples interested in adopting and then select several tentative couples she might like to place her child with. A counselor will then help her make selections that match her personality and desires for her child.  The birth mother’s parents or the father of the child may participate in this to assist.  

The final decision is not made until the birth mother interviews the parents. During this meeting, she can observe them as they meet and hold her baby – to witness their level of caring and judge their potential to build strong and loving bonds with her baby.  She can also observe her baby’s reaction to them. 

Most couples, who have loving hearts and long to parent and build a family, find the inability to parent very painful.  Before considering adoption, many of them tried for long periods of time, even years, to become pregnant – at much expense and with disappointments.

When a birth mother selects them, it is a great joy – they are most grateful and will adore and love that baby as if it were biologically their own.  The National Adoption Council says, “Loving a child isn’t about biology; it is about wanting to be a parent”.

A birth mom may take advantage of the opportunity offered by “Open Adoption”  to stay in communication with the adoptive couple and her baby —  to the that extent she wants to; that is, to receive cards and photos, updates on her child’s progress in school or medical, and even to visit with her child on holidays and birthdays or other times.  All this varies depending on what the adoptive couple and the birth mom agree to.

Birth moms who have used open adoption share that they feel satisfied that they did the right thing for their child and for themselves – that it was a real win-win.  They appreciative that they can freely resume their lives (school or work, sports, other competitive interests, and social life) and maintain their dreams for a college, vocations, scholarships, and marriage without responsibilities for which they are ill prepared at this time in their lives.  Most birth moms also volunteer that the placing of their child with the selected couple was a maturing experience — that they developed greater dignity and self esteem,  which they will carry forward in their lives together with the knowledge that they did the very best possible for their child.