Thinking About Aborting?

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About Aborting?


If you are pregnant and considering abortion, we would like to help you and your mom to make an “informed”  life decision — that may be a harder decision but is kinder to you and will protect your human dignity (and that of the father – if he is participating in your decision).

The abortion industry is cold — it is just that — an industry — with a goal to increase profits.  On the Abortion Overview page, there is a video by a previous Planned Parenthood director.  It shows how the industry is operated like a large enterprise, with quotas to influence up to 3-5 abortions per teen from ages 13-19. See it below.

See Their Testimony:

They like to place their clinics in inner cities where there are more teens.  They prefer working with teens who they feel they can be easily intimidated to NOT TELL THEIR PARENTS and to abort their babies.

In an effort to promote abortions, the abortion industry refers to abortions as a healthcare issue and tells young women and their parents — not to worry, it is not a person yet; it is just a blob of flesh and an easy procedure.

To keep costs low, we are finding that the industry has not regulated itself – which costs money.  Back alley clinics like the Gosnell Clinic in the news in 2013  continue to exist. They are unsanitary (can give girls HIV or Hepatitis), unsafe (have caused the deaths of young women), and continue to exist today though Roe vs Wade was supposed to eliminate them back in 1973.  They are still here and still doing their damage.  See:


In contrast, see the beautiful

Baby Development Page

This page shows ultrasounds of unborn babies that though only months old, already have the characteristics and mannerisms of born babies — incredibly, they stretch, kick, yawn, and curl up.

From 12 weeks, they already have unique personality traits!  They know their mom’s voice and will respond to it.  They can taste the food the mother eats, and like certain foods while they totally dislike others – we know because they make faces!

They may have nails, suck their thumbs, kick or snuggle up to mom’s heart to listen to it beat. They smile a lot and some laugh!  It IS a baby, and it is your baby, before it is born!.  It is so sad that moms who go in for abortions generally do not have a chance to see that they are aborting a loving baby.  Ultrasounds are generally turned away or not used.

Often, their first chance comes at the end of the abortion procedure, when they see their dead child.

This is a horror or trauma you have heard others, who have had abortions, talk about.

Some, girls, who are too fragile in their minds and hearts, suppress it and seem cold about it.  But, it surfaces in unpleasant ways — resentments, anger, depression, nightmares, and can even lead to drinking or drugs — as they try to avoid facing the horror of their deed. Here are some more ways:

Why the intensity or longevity
of the horror or trauma?

We are beautiful beings created by God In His Image.  We are not meant to kill other humans (as in the Biblical story of Cain and Abel).   When we kill, the inner guilt damages us.  You don’t have to believe in religion; it damages nevertheless.  You are going against what you are.

Women who have had abortions and share regrets make it a point to say that seeing their breathless child is a memory they would not wish on anyone. It sticks with them.  These women (and sometimes the fathers too) have been robbed not only of their babies but also of their self-esteem and dignity.  We had a man come to one of our talks, who was 74 years old.  He confided that he had participated in an abortion when he was in his twenties, and it has haunted him ever since.

For the unborn child, there is shock and pain —  followed by death.  Most moms are not told that from 18 weeks on, the unborn feels pain.  Scientists say the unborn actually feels even more than a born child because its nerves are denser; more nerves per square inch of body.

In America we get many mixed messages on subjects like these.  It can be confusing to young people.  For example, our government pushes abortions — the killing of innocent babies here in America — so much so that it even funds the abortion industry with 47% of its revenue.  Yet, regarding Syria, our same government wants to attack that country for using chemical drugs to kill their children.  What about all of children we kill in late term abortions using chemical drugs!  Our government turns a blind eye to its own babies, but shows great disgust for the same murdering that happens in another country.  This has got to make things confusing for our youth.

When you encounter discrepancies like this, just think to yourself, “what is good and right for you and the baby”.  If you want help reviewing your options, check with one of the Connecticut pregnancy care centers on our Web site designed to help —

  • What will make you feel good with God. When you came into the world, it was just you and God, and when you leave this world, it will be just you and God. God has got to be the one who we seek to please.
  • What solution will help you to avoid danger and a feeling of grief. 
  • What solution is medically safe?  For example, giving birth and placing your baby for adoption or having an abortion in a back alley clinic, many of which are filthy and will rush you through as if you were just getting a flue shot. Do they know your medical history or care? Are they sanitary.  Can you get HIV from unclean tools?  Are they linked up with a hospital in case of emergency. Will they even talk to your parent about the doctor’s credentials,  safety measures, your medical history?

Do not make the mistake of letting our government’s financial support of abortions fool you — they too do this for financial gain. The abortion industry lobbies and donates.  Our government is only as good as the people in it.   Some people are careless and some are dishonest.  You have met them in your life.  They come in all ages.  Some are in the government.

Talk to a pregnancy care center advisor — they are the ones who really care about you.  They have helped many women like you. Work with them to find a solution that is right for you, and stick with God.  Talk to God every day. Put a picture of Him by your desk or bed. He created you. He loves you. Then have the courage to “Be your own person!”.

One more thing.  Involve your parents and see a family doctor.  Let these adults know who the father of your child is. Let him know that these adults know his name and where he lives.  You will be surprised how fast this calms angry boyfriends down. _____This will protect you from abuse and even physical harm from an enraged boyfriend who may try to insist physically that you abort or may not want you to place your baby for adoption.______

God Bless You! You will be fine.

Medical Risks

Another source of danger from abortions are the medical risks.  Complications can include excessive bleeding (several have died on the operating table), accidental puncture of the uterus (which happens more easily with younger girls who have tiny frames), fatal infections, and lifelong diseases including cancers (because a birth, which is a major body activity, is stopped mid-stream).

Visit the abortion page on our Web site created for unwed mothers —

to find out more about the medical risks.  We have talked with doctors who say abortions carry the same risk as other similar operations that involve extracting something from the body, not less risk.  They include the below which must be conducted by a licensed doctor in a hospital to handle possible complications.

colonoscopy for removal of polyps
prostate transurethral resection
gall bladder,
lung bronchoscope biopsy,

Abortion clinics do not follow hospital safety standards. The abortion “industry” does not hold them to hospital  standards.  Abortion clinic staff do many of the abortions, and conduct abortions in places that are filthier than most of the dirty gas station bathrooms.  See:

The most used term now for these abortion clinics, since the discovery of the Gosnell and other abortion mills listed on the Susan B. Anthony list, are “Back Alley Clinics”.

Visit our entire Web site below, for unwed mothers, which to our amazement is visited by young women from all over the world including France, Germany, England, Russia, China, Africa, Belgium, Netherlands, and more!  Students in the US have written to us to tell us how much it has helped them avoid that impulsive decision.

Our CT4Women Site

The site  provides a list of pregnancy care centers that we have carefully screened for you, can inform you of other alternatives, and help you with them. Do not depend on the abortion clinics to share information about other choices.  They are in business to make profit.

Having your baby to birth is hard, admittedly, and courageous.  Unwed moms who have their babies and keep them or place them for adoption, are the silent and courageous heroines of this age.  It is difficult to go to school or work while pregnant, and you may encounter some friends who have less patience with your being pregnant and the ways in which your pregnancy may restrict your activities. That’s their problem. Be ready to be tough to it.  Keep it in your mind that this is the lifetime decision that will make you feel good about yourself and serve you well.  It is not the decision you will deeply regret.  If anyone threatens you in any way (boyfriend or parent), take that seriously.  It is not because they do not love you; it is because they cannot handle the situation. Distance yourself from that person during your pregnancy.  If you have to, go live with a friend or distant relative.  If you do not know anyone to live with for a time, ask the pregnancy care center to help you. There are two in Connecticut that offer housing. Find them at:

Be smart.

Check out this Story — Here is a touching story about adoption by a twin who survived the abortion and of her courageous mother — she calls “her hero”.

The pregnancy care centers we work with are all non-profit, and most of their workers are volunteers.  They take these no-pay or low-pay jobs because they want to help, and will go the extra mile to assist you with other options including the new open and semi-open forms of adoption.  Through them, you can actually select the adoptive parents, and your child will be directly placed with them.  Your child will not have to go to a foster home.  If you want to, you can stay in touch with the adoptive parents, and watch your child grow up. Some children have actually gone to their birth mom’s weddings. 

We like this solution most for young moms (and dads).

It lets them maintain their schooling or careers, and offers them the satisfaction, for the rest of their lives that they made a good “life” decision for themselves and their baby.  

It frees the father of the baby from responsibilities he may not be ready to take on. He may also be interested in helping to select the parents.

This is a courageous solution in that everyone will know of the pregnancy, but it is also a “love” solution that sits right with the souls involved. They can carry on their lives without a regret about their baby that will linger for a lifetime.  They can be proud of themselves.