NOT:  Safe, Legal and Rare

Think about what it involves.  The abortionist extracts an alive baby from deep within in the woman’s body.  This is greater in its complexity and potential for complications than a gall bladder operation, kidney stone operation, or hysterectomy.  Prior to an abortion, the woman’s whole body had been labouring to produce and deliver something magnificent that is independent from the mother — a new being — a baby.  The abortion abruptly shuts down every biological function engaged in this birth process – leaving some sub-processes unfinished.

Now what? As a scientist from MIT told us, unfinished sub-processes generally leave unused tissue and matter – things that can degrade and lead to cancer. This is why abortion makes a woman more prone to various types of cancer including breast cancer and to have difficulties with future pregnancies.

All of this is a major real time and long term risk for women, families, and future babies.

Bill Clinton and Obama, who have promoted abortion, talked about their vision that abortions should be “safe, legal, and rare.” ….

It is interesting that Planned Parenthood also says abortions should be “safe, legal, and rare”, yet they continue with behaviours that include increasing risks by:

  • imposing abortion “sales quotas” on clinics and giving financial awards to the clinics that conduct the most abortions. Trying to meet or beat quotas, forces doctors to rush through abortions which increases patient risks – see the award given to one clinic at http://connrlc.org/?page_id=1946     
  • lobbying the government to minimize clinic health regulations that would make abortions a little safer such as adhering to the hygiene and other regulations of dental offices or hospitals.  Doing this is time consuming – like stopping to change operating table sheets between patients, cleaning blood off the floors, or sterilizing all instruments to prevent life threatening infections. It would reduce the number of abortions that can be done in a day.  See the page on abortion clinics for a glimpse of the atrocious environment found in the Gosnell Clinic. The Susan B. Anthony 18-page list at http://www.sba-list.org/negligence names clinics over the nation with similar unsanitary conditions (a link to it is given on that page).
  • Providing pregnant teens with easy access to abortions through sex ed courses and clinics in schools; and in some cases arranging for transportation to the abortion clinic – see http://abcnews.go.com/Health/teen-abortion-high-school/story?id=10189694  In states, like CT, that do not have a “Parental Notificaton” law the schools as well as the child are not required to inform the parents. Consider, what if a girl has a heart problem, diabetes, or other condition that would increase her risks, and her parents are not informed to be given the chance to share her medical history with the doctor. This could increase her risk substantially (as it did with many young patients). It is time to pass a Parental Notification law. Please write your legislator. 46% of the parents did not know of their chlld’s abortion.
  • getting government funding which enables them to apply other monies into having more clinics
  • introducing new types of abortion – chemical abortions which are impossible to track and count

Abortions have not decreased, they are just not all being included in the count by Guttmacher Institute, an arm of the Planned Parenthood Federation (see more information of this nature on  the “Abortion – A Business” page at http://connrlc.org/?page_id=199 ).  Even with surgical abortions, our people who try to follow records find that doctors are not penalized for neglecting to fill out forms or complete forms properly and so doctors do not, and the statistics gathered from those forms are not real. We guess that abortions per year are probably triple the numbers given in statistics. 

Read what a previous director of Planned Parenthood has to say about “safe, legal and rare” at  http://connrlc.org/?page_id=1946  
Surgical abortion is legal, but legal does not mean safe.

It is still a major procedure with many risks.

Think about what it involves. It extracts something alive from a portion of the body that is deep in the body.  This is equal to or greater in its complexity and potential for complications to a gall bladder operation, kidney stone operation, and hysterectomy.  

According to Beverly McMillian, M.D., a previous abortionist, the complications may include excessive bleeding, chronic and acute infections, intense pain, high fever, convulsions, shock, and coma” not to mention the high potential rupture other surrounding organs, and the many instances of incomplete removal of baby parts or the placenta that “Can cause life-threatening infections and sterility, pelvic inflammatory disease, punctured or torn uteruses, and even death. See http://www.unfairchoice.info/safe.htm 

RU-486 abortion — also with many serious risks

Unlike contraceptives, the RU-486 is typically used as an alternative to a medical abortion — as an abortion drug used in early pregnancy to avoid a surgical abortion.

Many think that RU486 is better than a physical abortion, but has the same risks of deadly infection as any other major hospital surgery. For your information, read some of the reports provided by Concerned Women of America  and the paper by Dr. Ralph Miech below.

Dr. Ralph Miech, Brown University, Rhode Island, a member of the Am Association of Pro-life OB/GYNs and involved with the National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly did some thorough research.  Read his excellent and easy to understand explanation of the likely causes of RU-486 deaths and high risks.

He points out that : 1) RU-486 may cause the rapid onset of septic shock, a serious bloodstream condition that can lead to death. The Food and Drug Administration announced in mid-July that it was issuing a health advisory to inform the public that four California women have died from septic shock following abortions with RU-486, the latest one..2)  That the Mifeprex, the drug already has the FDA’s highest-level black-box label warning, indicating that it is especially dangerous. In two of the cases, the bacterium that caused the septic shock was found to be Clostridium sordellii. 3) He says that ” The FDA also updated its prescribing information, medication guide and patient agreement for RU-486 to convey information about Clostridium sordellii, a bacterium that is difficult to identify because the patient usually does not have a fever or other signs of infection“.  See http://www.staycatholic.com/abortion_drug_dangers.htm 

In the MedMD article the FDA warns patients to watch out for symptoms of nausea, vomiting, malaise, or other signs of infection for which antibiotics would be given to stave off possible serious bloodstream infection.

Because of excellent and logical explanations like this, in the “United States,some abortionists have decided against using RU-486 altogether”.


So Why Do Some Parents Recommend
any Form of Abortion to their Daughters?

Most parents decide for abortion because they are uneducated on what abortion really is or its wide range of risks.  Were they permitted to be involved in the process, they would discover much along the way.  But, this is not the case in CT.  CT does not have a Parental Involvement law. The consequence is that girls can have abortions at any age without the permission of their parents. When girls voluntarily tell their parents (only 64% do so), neither are given adequate counseling and the opportunity to investigate other choices. They are rushed through the process and are not informed of the many wonderful pregnancy care centers in CT  (see  http://www.ct4women.com/pc_centers.html )  or the full extent of services they offer. The pregnancy care centers we list on our CT4 Women site have been screened by us, a service we happily perform, and have been found to be run by sincere, dedicated volunteers who are available to assist teens and young women design alternatives to abortion that suit them and protect both the well being of the mother and life of the baby. 

They will be able to point out how adoption offers the same benefits to the young mother as abortion, in that it frees her to resume her life, while it does not expose her to the medical risks of abortion, or the costs of abortion or hospitalization when there are complications.

(See our page on open adoption for more information. http://connrlc.org/?page_id=1800   

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