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Read about the Connecticut Right to Life’s VERY SUCCESSFUL  Right to Life Annual Convention which took place this spring on April 26, 2014, at the Best Western Hotel, North Haven, and plan to attend our next one to meet in person!  See http://connrlc.org/?page_id=1535 


About This Site:

This site has been planned to share up-to-date, interesting, and reliable information on the key pro-life issues including pregnancy and baby development, abortion, contraception, pregnancy, adoption, family, natural family planning, sex education in public schools, same sex relationships, marriage, parent rights, care of the chronically ill and aging, palliative care, advanced directives, physician assisted suicide, and advances in adult stem cell treatments.

It will include important published information by industry and political leaders to provide Connecticut residents with the knowledge required to make critical life decisions including family planning and parenting, political, medical, personal health, legal, and elder law.

Like other Connecticut outreach programs, it supports the Connecticut Right to Life’s Mission to protect life, in all stages of life from the unborn to the elderly, chronically ill and disabled.  It accomplishes its goals by educating students and adults, voters and legislators, government agencies, clergy, professionals across industries including doctors, nurses and educators.

As we proceed, we hope to meet and talk with all of you.  Plan to attend our Annual Conventions to receive up to date pro-life information from expert, nationally known speakers, exchange information with us and other pro-lifers, and add your voice to ours as we work to protect life in Connecticut.

In the interim:

  • Send us your inputs. Use the “Contact Us” tab on the top, right.  We enjoy hearing from you.
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  •  Please donate to support our vital and expanding educational programs.


The Connecticut Right Educational Programs Cover a Wide Spectrum:

To deliver up-to-date information to all of our members, wherever they are and at all ages, including the youth groups, student campuses, and young adult organizations, the Connecticut Right to Life:

Distributes up-to-date pro-life information to voters, legislators in Hartford, clergy, professionals across industries including the medical industry and education.

Publishes opinion editorials in leading newspapers regularly such as the Waterbury Republic American. (For example, several on the new forms of adoption and protesting physician assisted suicide.)

Sponsors family events to introduce adults and youth to pro-life including the Life Chains across Connecticut in October and March for Life in Washington D.C. in January for which we help schedule buses across CT and sponsor no-fee seats for seminarians. Read our Newsletters to obtain dates and logistics.

Sponsors rallies with fact sheets and posters – for the HHS Mandate, CT Right to Life distributed fact sheets that included discussion of religious liberty, the financial impact the HHS mandate would impose on religious educational institutions and hospitals —  that would force increases in fees, and that the groups hurt the most would be the poor, families with 2+ children, the disabled, and elderly.  Six Religious Freedom Rallies were held across CT in 2014.

Cooperates with various Catholic and Christian churches to place “for life” billboards near abortion clinics, colleges and universities, which also point pregnant youth to the 16-page Web site designed to help them find help http://www.ct4women.com/ 

Participates in Catholic and Christian religious events such as 40 Days for Life.

Buys monthly space for pro-life ads in campus newspapers to share interesting tid bits of pro-life information with students and steer them to our Web site for them http://www.ct4women.com/ where they will find helpful information about baby development, relationships, chastity and abstinence, and adoption and other alternatives to abortion — needed to make “informed” life decisions.  We treat them like adults and find that with the right information they make better decisions that lead to greater self-esteem.

Maintains three Web sites including a site for teens since 2006 http://www.ct4women.com/  which is the teen site seen by over 100,000 teens per year;  our site for young families –  created with our alliance the Gospel of Life Society –  which focuses on natural family planning since 2009  http://www.golsmedcom.org/ ;  and this new Web site for our members http://connrlc.org/ .  We focused on the web sites for teens and young families first as getting key information to them was a top priority.  We are now building this site for benefit of members and the legislators and clergy we regularly keep updated with new information.      

Produces  an Annual Convention to hear well known speakers talk about on key pro-life issues, meet members, give members a change to meet other pro-lifers and exchange information,  and give everyone an opportunity to meet the CT Right to Life staff and supporters (such as newspaper editors) and add your voice to ours as we work to protect life in Connecticut. Two or three speakers are selected to be able to offer valuable information to members of all ages including our younger members and fees are kept low. Similarly, one of the awards given is to a young person who has been doing outstanding work in pro-life. See http://connrlc.org/?page_id=1535 

Produces a quarterly Newsletter which is mailed to all members and includes key pro-life events, place/time info on prayer vigils held at abortion clinics, prolife Masses in CT, rallies and marches, notices of new pro-life laws or bills being proposed, and discussion of key topics such as healthcare, the abortion clinics in CT, or sex trafficking.


Please donate to Support Our Programs:

Please also support our many programs with your donations as well as your ideas.  All of our work is voluntary. We do not receive funding from any government or religion. All funding is from gifts from our members and benefactors.  Your donations will be very helpful and may be at your convenience — monthly as you can or yearly.

You may send a check to the below address with a note that includes your address, phone and email address. Please make checks payable to the Connecticut Right to Life Corporation.

                                PO Box 2343 Waterbury, CT 06722-2343

We gratefully appreciate any donations which all contribute to help us continue our work and broaden our scope — that is, to get our information and messaging to more places, to more youth, to more voters, and to more legislators. It is a tremendous task. Your help is needed.  Please do what you can. Every donation will help pay for Newsletter printing and postage, costs of annual conventions (as we keep our fees low and sponsor many youth), for the video taping (such as talks by doctors on Natural Family Planning), for ads in campus newspapers to reach out to students to educate them where they are, to produce posters for student bulletin boards, contribute to office expenses, and launch new programs as required to meet pressing Connecticut pro-life needs such as the HHS Mandate and the need to give visibility to new aspects of pro-life issues such as new proofs that will be placed under the ‘Abortion’ tab that babies both physically and consciously suffer pain when aborted from as early as 12 weeks.  Pro-abortionists had been trying to convince the medical world and society that babies might suffer the physical pain, but key sections of brain are not fully developed before nine months and are necessary for the baby to be conscious of the pain.  Research now shows that babies born with damage to those very sections of the brain “feel the pain” and as early as 8-12 weeks. 

We will also keep you updated on abortion as a business and the tragic consequences of it (and why we cannot have a “live and let live” attitude here).  Thus far, we have discovered and given visibility to the systematic infanticide at abortion clinics, sex trafficking that is happening due to weak abortion clinic regulations, and inappropriate sex education in some public schools for K-12 which previous Planned Parenthood executive, Carol Evertt, reports —  was implemented to create an ongoing market for abortions.  In the below video,

Video:  http://youtu.be/cYaTywSDmls 

she shares that due to their marketing plan they expect 3-5 abortions from every girl between the ages of 13 and 19. See the “Abortion” tab on this site http://connrlc.org/?page_id=122 and sub pages below it for more information and the videos on these  challenges.

We will keep posting more information on the abortion issue and all others as we get it. About to be posted is a great deal of information on contraceptives, the black genocide (which to the surprise of many also includes Europeans and Hispanics), sex education in schools that has been harmful to our students, the plans by the LGBT promoters to install LGBT History courses in high schools as part of the normal curriculum, the benefits of open adoption, more information on the risks associated with physician assisted suicide including the lethal does itself with may not always work as expected and the dire need to have a healthcare proxy or advocate (in writing), some instructions on healthcare advance directives, and new threats to religious freedom.

For Your Information, to coordinate all activities and provide ongoing educational programs to Connecticut voters and legislators — to provide steady sources of information on pro-life issues — the Connecticut Right to Life Corporation will be seeking to hire an Executive Director.  Several of our team have been doing double time to cover the tasks that are normally performed by a director.

The director would serve as an administrator and manager to oversee all tasks, establish standards, implement procedures, help us conduct research on each pro-life issue and maintain a complete boilerplate online library, keep the Web sites up to date, generate more campus ads and posters, maintain equipment, and help us sponsor seminars on topics of great interest such as Natural Family Planning or elder-care. This person will also maintain all data and online systems including our membership database.

The director will also help with a new nationwide campaign we will lead against abortion.  We are of the opinion that since Roe v Wade, our nation has taken a wrong approach to fighting abortion. We will be introducing a new and hopefully more effective approach. As Dr. Phil has said many times, it is literally crazy to keep doing the same thing over and over that does not work.  To accomplish this, we will draw on my background as a Director of Global Marketing and Partnering for the computer industry. It will be effective. Keep checking in on us!

To hire a director we will need budgeted revenue; that would be money we can count on to be forthcoming every year through membership fees.  To learn how you can help in this way, go to the Membership page, http://connrlc.org/?page_id=219 or use the Membership Tab at the top of this screen. We thank you very much for exploring this option for immediate use or in the future.


We Depend on You To Spread the Word

Please tell your loved ones, friends, and distribution lists about the Connecticut Right to Life Corporation.  Tell them about its work and the opportunity it gives you to stay up-to-date on pro-life issues —  that:

–  victimize teens from 13 to 19

–  contribute to a high teen suicide rate (second cause of death according to the CDC)

–  impose genocide on blacks and Europeans and the poor in inner cities

–  damage student academic futures with common core curriculums

–  let Planned Parenthood introduce sex “how to” curriculum in high schools

–  send girls off for abortions without parental knowledge

[Note: It is part of Planned Parenthood’s Marketing Plan to use sex education in high schools to not only teach about sex but also to distance the girls from their values and their parents so that when they become pregnant on the defective condoms or low-dose birth control pills sold to them by Planned Parenthood, they will not tell their parents. Abortions happen during school hours and Planned Parenthood staff in school health clinics have been found to transport girls to/from the abortion clinic. As a result, 46% of the parents do not know about their daughter’s abortion.  Read about “Planned Parenthood as a Business”  at http://connrlc.org/?page_id=199 which is under the ‘Abortion Tab’ at the top of this page.]

–  repeatedly attempt to discredit traditional marriage

–  inflict financial hardships on religious schools and hospitals by requiring they adhere to the HHS Mandate and pay insurance for abortions, packaged birth control pill and other Planned Parenthood or pharma reproductive products

[Note:  Those who will suffer the most from Obamacare healthcare HHS Mandates (that include and forced abortion and birth control coverage) will be the poor. When religious institutions opt to pay the high yearly penalties imposed by Obamacare — hundreds of thousands of dollars per year rather than providing coverage for services that go against religious beliefs — it will drive up tuition fees and medical premiumsWe will keep you informed.]  


May God Bless You and Yours!

The Connecticut Right to Life Corporation (Your Voice in Connecticut)


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